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GLASSHOUSE, Bruton, Somerset

Victorian style glasshouse

Completion Date:


Project Description:

ARCHIWEST LambdaV6_edited.png

This project involved the creation of a steel framed Glasshouse to the side of a historic Georgian building. Every fine detail was considered, including a meticulous geometric floor using marble and reclaimed terracotta tiles that also incorporated recessed sockets and uplighters. The steel frame itself went through many iterations to arrive at the finished design and included a wonderful green tile stove that created a delightful centrepiece in the space.  

Externally, a remodelling of the courtyard garden wraps around the Glasshouse, including a lilly pond dressed with a reclaimed lead cherub mask set into the stone retaining wall. Through sketch concepts, 3d modelling and careful project management we helped to deliver a successful project.

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